#47 in 1959

The Isley Brothers are from Cincinnati, Ohio. The original group consisted of the three elder sons of O'Kelly Isley, Sr. and Sally Bell Isley: O'Kelly Jr., Rudy and Ronnie, who formed in 1957 and recorded with small labels singing doo-wop and rock 'n' roll. A few years after the death of younger brother Vernon from a road accident, Kelly, Rudy and Ron were convinced by their parents to form a new singing group together. After forming the group in 1957, the brothers immediately moved to New York and began recording in the doo-wop music genre. In 1959, RCA Records signed the group after catching them in concert where they had opened for Jackie Wilson. Their second release from the label, "Shout", became the group's first charted single, reaching number 47. The single, written by the three brothers, was a modest single when the group released it but the song gained a mainstream following after cover versions by singers such as Lulu and Joey Dee and the Starlighters helped the song eventually sell over a million copies. Motivated by its success, RCA later re-released the group's original version in 1961 but the song only peaked at number 92. A follow-up success to "Shout!" never came and the group was released from their contract.
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