Seeing Is Believing
Did Not Chart

The group began in 1956 as three guys from Valley Stream, New York, called the Rhythm Kings; the members were Dave Goddard, Larry Vannata and Gene McCarthy. All of the guys played instruments as well as singing vocals--Gene on the clarinet and tenor sax, Larry the alto and tenor sax and Dave the piano. Bob Boden would play drums when they performed live. A classmate's father, a record distributor, heard the group and suggested that they add a high falsetto voice. Shortly thereafter Larry met Lynne Nixon at a dance and asked Gene and Dave to give her an audition. Upon hearing her voice they agreed to add her to the group. At first Lynne only sang backgrounds, until Larry wrote the song "You" for her to sing. They never charted again and in 1964 they went their separate ways. In 1998 Dave Goddard approached Colette Delaney about singing in a new Aquatones group. The group was composed of Dave, Colette, Rich Hornung and Paul King. Lynn Nixon died in January 2001, and Paul King passed away on Christmas Eve 2013.
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