26 Miles
#2 in 1958

The 4 Preps originally consisted of Bruce Belland , Ed Cobb, Marv Ingram, and Glen Larson , who later become one of the most prolific creators and producers in the history of American television. The four were students at Hollywood High School and were signed to a long term contract by Capitol Records after one of Capitol's executives saw them at a talent show at that school in 1956. They had a minor chart hit that year with "Dreamy Eyes" and between 1956 and 1964 reached the top 100 charts with 13 different songs. The following year they appeared with Lindsay Crosby on the top-rated television special, The Edsel Show. Their biggest hit was "26 Miles (Santa Catalina)," which was written by Belland and Larson and reached #2. Those two members of the group also wrote "Big Man" (which reached #3) and "Down by the Station." In 1959, the group appeared as themselves in the movie Gidget. In 1966, David Somerville, formerly of The Diamonds, joined the group replacing Cobb. In 1969, the group disbanded, as their type of music became less popular.
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